Women Half Marathon 2024


The Women Half Marathon, was held on April 24th 2024, saw an impressive turnout, celebrating women’s strength, endurance, and community spirit. A standout aspect of the event was the official merchandise collaboration with Capslock.

Capslock’s exclusive range of marathon caps was a major hit among participants and supporters. The brand’s booth, set up during the racepack collection day and on the race day itself, buzzed with activity as attendees eagerly purchased the stylish and functional headwear.

These caps, designed with the marathon’s logo and vibrant colors, not only served as a memento but also provided practical benefits for the runners, offering protection and comfort throughout the race.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, with Capslock’s involvement adding a significant value. The enthusiastic response to the official merchandise suggests a bright future for such partnerships, reinforcing the importance of community and support in sporting events.

Collaboration between Bandung-based label Unkl 347 and local headwear maker CAPSLOCK LTD, resulting in the creation of the captivating “HAPPY SHINY PEOPLE” capsule collection. This collaboration appears to have been born out of a shared vision to blend style with functionality, catering to the needs of cyclists who want gear that not only looks good but also performs well on the road.
The capsule collection seems to be a carefully curated selection of cycling apparel, designed to bring a touch of whimsy to the world of biking. With a focus on performance-driven features, the collection offers everything from a sports cap to an anorak jacket, ensuring that cyclists can stay comfortable and stylish no matter the conditions.
One standout aspect of the collection seems to be its oversized style-branded layered anoraks, which add a unique flair to traditional cycling outerwear. Additionally, the inclusion of items like sport mesh caps, long sleeve tees, and biking shorts further enhances the comfort and functionality of the collection, allowing cyclists to maximize their performance while maintaining a sporty aesthetic.
The color palette of the “HAPPY SHINY PEOPLE” collection also appears to be thoughtfully crafted, with bold hues of blue and green color-blocked against neutral base tones, creating a striking contrast that runs throughout the entire range. This attention to detail not only adds visual interest but also ensures that each piece in the collection can be easily mixed and matched to create dynamic and eye-catching looks.