Sound Scenario


Capslock Tunes Teams Up with Norrm Radio for “Sound Scenario” Collaboration –
Bandung, Indonesia – Capslock Tunes, a sub division of capslock. ltd and Norrm Radio online, proudly announce their collaboration on “Sound Scenario.” This unique partnership brings together the innovative sounds curated by Norrm Radio with the artistic flair of Capslock Tunes to create a one-of-a-kind experience for music and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Hosted by the enigmatic DXXXT, an experimental DJ and music selector with an unparalleled passion for pushing boundaries, “Sound Scenario” offers a journey into the realm of unconventional and mesmerizing sounds. The program promises to challenge conventional music norms and introduce listeners to a vibrant landscape of sonic exploration.

As part of this exciting collaboration, Capslock Tunes and Norrm Radio are launching a limited edition collection featuring exclusive “Sound Scenario” t-shirts and caps. Each purchase of these unique apparel items will come with a special bonus – a CD mixtape curated by DXXXT himself, showcasing his eclectic taste and visionary approach to music curation.

The official launch event for this collaboration will take place at “Set and Rise,” one of Bandung’s finest izakaya restaurants known for its fusion of culinary delights and artistic ambiance. The event will be a celebration of music, fashion, and creativity, bringing together a gathering of friends and supporters of both Capslock Tunes and Norrm Radio.

Adding to the excitement of the event, the music lineup for the evening will feature acclaimed music selectors Joni, Ega, and DXXXT himself, promising a night filled with sonic surprises and immersive beats.